Bayou West Condos By-Laws 77036

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About Bayou West Condos / Apartments

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This site is dedicated with providing the By Laws to current home owners and perspective owners of Bayou West Condominiums.

The property was built in 1977 in Alief Texas and located at 9898 Club Creek Drive, Houston Texas 77036.   Alief Texas is now incorporated into the City of Houston.

As of 2013, the By Laws could not be found recorded with the Texas State Secretary, Texas State Comptrollers Office or the Harris County Records / Archives Division according to the state employees that conducted a research for them at their agency.

Perspective home owners are encourage to review the By Laws in consideration before purchasing a home at Bayou West Condo’s.

However, at this time, individual homeowners do not have any rights as the Home Owners Association is the majority / master owner and leases their condo’s out as apartments.

Current Bayou West Home Owners are encourage to review these documents and print a copy for personal record, “and” to provide them to the new owner at the time the deed is transferred.

Lastly, keep in mind that since the creation of the 1977 By Laws, the State of Texas has created new laws that supersede some of the By Laws, most of which provide the home owner with additional rights that are otherwise denied in the current By Laws.

Home owners are encouraged to review the State of Texas Property Codes and Condominium Act to find which By Laws may or may not be applicable at this time.


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