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Robert’s Rules of Order, Spanish Translation

Hello,                 Haga clic aquí para español

The pages herein are formatted using today’s standards for easier viewing and printing.

The base file, from which they are derived were originally created with a dos based word processor or text editor a long time ago.

Keeping with the information from the base file as the Spanish translator intended, I only formatted the fonts style and size, added and removed line spacing and broke up the one long dos file into its appropriate pages.

During my reformatting of the old file it appeared that the translator was attempting to manually duplicate what he was reading into a dos based word processor and translating the small book, ie Roberts Rules of Order, into Spanish.

As you review the pages, you will find that some pages are blank.  I believe the translator intentionally left some pages blank because they originally contained useless information.

However, Roberts Rule of Order professionally bound and complete are both available for purchase in English and Spanish via the internet.

But i believe the information contained in these pages on this site is more than adequate to learn and execute “order” during meetings.


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