The Bayou West 77036

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By Laws


The By Laws for the Bayou West Condominiums (located on 9898 Club Creek Drive, Houston, Harris County, Texas, 77036) are provided herein for review and printing via your printer.


The package of legal documents herein is presented in three (3) parts.

Part 1 are the official ByLaws written in 1977.  They are on legal size paper, ie 8.5″ ” x 14 “.

Part 2 is an attachment to Part 1.  They are diagrams of the property and are also on legal size paper, ie 8.5″ x 14″.

Part 3 is an addendum to Part 1.  These are other rules not not covered in the formal ByLaws and are on standard size paper, ie 8 1/2″  x 11”.

Additional Information:

1) It is unclear where the By Laws were filed at and if they are actually legal.   As of 2013, neither the State of Texas Secretary, State of Texas Comptroller and the Harris County Records/Archives division have any copies of these By Laws filed with them.

2) It should be noted that since the creation of these By-laws in 1977, the State of Texas Legislature has since passed new laws that supersede many of the by laws in favor of the condominium owner and against the Home Owners Association.   Please Google Texas Property Codes and Texas Condominiums Laws.


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